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International Payments

As the world gets connected even more, it makes sense to do business globally! Global adoption provides businesses opportunities to widen their customer reach and increase brand visibility. If you want to grow your business globally, it’s in your best interest to provide a customer-friendly payment gateway that lets you accept international payments on your website or app.

We are happy to share that PayU offers international payments acceptance to our merchants in partnership with leading banks. Post activation, the International Payments will allow you to accept payments in 30 currencies.

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However, activation of this service is subject to approval from our banking partners and internal checks. This is a paid service and charges for the same will be communicated once we receive relevant documents from you. So, if you are thinking to expand your business into international markets, get in touch with us here!

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Once we know that you are interested in activating international payments, we will get started with the process. Here is a step by step guide of the process followed to enable international payments for you.

Three Steps To Activate International Payments:

Step 1. Merchant provides required documents

Step 2. PayU team verifies documents and charges are finalized 

Step 3. PayU team submits lead to banking partner for approval

The activation process could take up to 30 working days, subject to obtaining banking approvals.

Step 1 – Documents submission by the merchant:

  1. Bank statement (Last 1 year) / ITR (Last 2 years). *(Only for startups)
  2. Audited balance sheet of last 2 years. (If Company is more than 2 Years Old)
  3. Profit and loss statement (If Company is more than 2 years old)
  4. Import/Export certificate in case of tangible products.
  5. FSSAI license in case of bakeries and food items.
  6. IATA certificate in case of travel business or any other authorized certificate for travel LOB.  

Step 2 – Verification of documents by PayU

After verifying the documents, PayU Team will get in touch with you in order to discuss the charges etc. for international payment gateway services.

Essential requirements to get approval:

  • Website should be complete with Terms and conditions, Privacy policy, Refund and cancellation policy and Shipping policy.  
  • Refund and cancellation policy should contain the mode of refund and the time frame within which refund will be processed. If it is in the form of store credit, store credit validity is to be mentioned. 
  • Shipping Policy should clearly state whether ME is doing International delivery also. If so then details of IE (Import/Export) code, transit insurance and delivery partners is to be provided. 
  • Test login and PW to be shared to validate the transaction flow. 
  • If there is any redirection of URL involved, then ME compliance for the same to be provided. In merchant compliance mail, redirection URL details is to be clearly informed to merchant compliance team. 

Step 3 Approval by Bank

The final approval will be provided by bank and accordingly service will be enabled in your PayU account.


We are happy to empower all our eligible users with these consistent enhancements and product updates by making online transactions quick, simple and secure. Integrate with PayUmoney’s International Payments and experience international transactions like never before!

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Scale your business to new heights and grow globally!

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