Collect money in several ways through PayUMoney

Today’s digital world has enabled us to make transactions through many different ways. And at PayUMoney we are proud to provide you some very innovative ways to collect money. Here is a brief description of different methods of collection-  

Webfront –  Webfront is a simple page with payment option already integrated in it. It is an ideal solution to collect payments for different things like school fees, newspaper subscription etc.  Webfront allows you to create a webpage without any technical knowledge and easily collect the payments. It is easy to setup and you can go live quickly.


Fig: Demo webfront



Fig: webfront payment page

Webstore  – PayUMoney allows you to design a simple store. It doesn’t need any technical knowledge and can be setup in minutes and the store has inbuilt support for shipping & billing address. You can upload product images instantly and make your webstore live in a single click. There are no upfront costs or annual maintenance cost. And the best part is you can stay updated on shipping details, transaction status, refunds and other information through its seller dashboard.


Fig: Webstore

Email invoiceEmail invoice allows you to create and send professional email invoices to your customers. It provides you the convenience to directly send an invoice to your customers’ inbox and collect payment of any amount. It’s easy to create and you can send it in minutes. All the invoices can be tracked and you can check the status of the payment in your dashboard. The best part is it comes with zero setup fee, no maintenance charges and no hidden fees.

emailinvoiceFig: Email invoice 

EventsEvents allows you to sell tickets for any kind of event. You can setup a free webpage in minutes and start selling. You just need to fill in details like venue name, venue place, time, duration, ticket price and quantity. You can also save ticket quantity and price on a per ticket basis.


Fig: An event page

PayUMoney Button – PayUMoney button allows you to embed a button into your website that can be clicked by customers to pay to you. How it works is that – customer visits your website and clicks on pay by PayUMoney button. The customer can then provide required details on PayUMoney confirmation page. Then customer is taken to payments page, on PayUMoney payment page customer selects a payment method and pays.


We are constantly innovating and coming with news ways to collect payments. If you have any suggestion or any query contact us at



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