Disburse Bulk Payments in Minutes with PayU Payouts


In businesses, you often need to make bulk payments such as vendor/partner payments, employees’ salaries, refunds and disburse prize money. And for this, you need a payment system that works along with you and not only on weekdays from 9 to 5.

After having a discussion with a lot of our merchants, we discovered that they were facing issues regarding bulk transfers and refunds. Therefore, to make it easy for you to carry out your business payments, we decided to build PayU Payouts.

With PayU Payouts, you will be able to make bulk payments quick and fast. Payouts will send money to your receivers’ accounts via IMPS, NEFT or UPI through API.


If you are an existing PayUmoney merchant, you will only have to sign an additional agreement. This will be shared by our sales representative. Click here to get started.

Note: If you are not a registered PayUmoney merchant, you will first have to sign up by following the standard onboarding process. This will be followed by signing an agreement shared by our sales representative. To sign up on PayUmoney, click here.

After you have opted for the Payouts feature, follow these 3 simple steps to send Payouts:

1.Add money in your PayU Payouts account provided by PayU through IMPS or NEFT.


2.Add receiver’s details, i.e., bank account number & IFSC code of people to whom Payouts have to be made.

3.Send Payouts instantly in just one click!

Benefits and Features of PayU Payouts

  • Immediate bulk transfers via widest range of online payment methods such as IMPS, NEFT and UPI.
  • Instant money transfer – 24*7, even on weekends and bank holidays
  • Fully automated
  • No limits on the number of Payouts that can be carried out in a day!
  • Bank verification option
  • Powerful Dashboard – Add money, track and download transaction reports easily through your PayUmoney dashboard
  • Webooks
  • Virtual wallet

There is no setup fees or maintenance charges for this new feature. You will only have to pay per payout. PayU Payouts will help you immensely in providing a great customer experience and grow your business.

If you too are in a business that makes bulk payments, consider switching to PayU Payouts and automate all your business payments.  For more details,


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