Women Entrepreneurship Month inspiring stories

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win!

This quote by the M.K Gandhi defines well the spirit with which entrepreneurs are changing the world.

Women entrepreneurs are creating a better world with their creativity and imagination. Multi taskers by default they are taking on roles that are creating many more opportunities. At PayU we are inspired by women leading the change for good!

Part of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Month with Zepo, we are excited to share testimonials from three women entrepreneurs who grew their ventures with PayUmoney and Zepo.

PayUmoney and Zepo Women Entrepreneurship Month Durga


Durga, Ishtam Home Foods

PayUmoney and Zepo Women Entrepreneurship Month-Madhumita


Madhumita, Cheerkart

Priyas Trends PayUmoney Zepo

Priya, Priya’s Trendz

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PayUmoney and Zepo Women Entrepreneurship Month

Author: Arun Agrawal